• Jean H.
    • October 5, 2018

    Wow – what an experience. The sushi was fantastic. The samples of fish flown from Japan were amazing and the service was phenomenal. My first time drinking Sake. We had two different samples and both were so smooth and sweet. The Owner / Master Chef was very fun to watch. They take great pride in their restaurant as they should.

    • Camilo Cohen
    • November 26, 2018

    The best sushi in Vegas, hands down. Great experience too! Found this place on Google and was really happy about the end results after dinner. Thanks a million!

    • Khuong Do
    • December 28, 2018

    A gem of a find in the Eastside…fresh sushi flown in daily from Japan! Gen prix fixe menu

    • Stephan Azulay
    • January 8, 2019

    We had the best dining experience of our lives, every aspect was exquisite. The food was excellent and the service was superb!

    • Will Yip
    • January 10, 2019

    First off let me start off by stating the obvious.
    The one star review is solely based on what was charged and what was rendered.
    At best this was $60-80 meal.
    Food was at best decent.
    That’s all the positives.

    Why a one star review?
    Far and off the strip.
    Service was at best, meh.
    Decor was a joke.
    Sanitation was questionable.
    While the chef was entertaining at the sushi bar.
    In the back on a white wall. There was a large big just crawling around.
    Food also came out with hair on it.
    Portions were the smallest I have ever seen.
    I’ve been to many sushi restaurants around the world. They take the award for the smallest portions. I’d understand it if it was because of pricing. But not at what they are charging.
    Plating….again very subjective… But looks like a 12 year old put it together.

    Let’s be real here. You are in Vegas, there are a number of better restaurants any direction you point.
    We only came here because it was last minute and everywhere else was booked.

    Save your time and money. Go ANYWHERE else but here.

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