• Dave Read
    • December 30, 2018

    I had a few issues with the sushi (mostly related to the rice being a bit undercooked) but overall the food was good…but the price was impossible to beat, and service was fast and friendly. I was especially impressed by how the staff did not try to constrain what we ordered, which would have been a normal strategy for place serving sushi on an all-you-can-eat plan.

    At the end of a long day of enjoying the sights and activities of Las Vegas, this was a welcome affordable and tasty meal. Highly recommended for people willing to venture off the strip a bit in search of a good meal.

    • Sues Reviews
    • January 16, 2019

    One of my favorite Sushi places.
    Have taken many friends and they all love it too!
    Everything is always fresh tasting.
    I almost have to try new places because this place is so good.
    If you haven’t been here it’s a must try!
    You won’t regret it!!

    • daniel moreno
    • January 23, 2019

    Serious all you can eat sushi! Must eat it all or get charged for what you don’t eat. Good sushi and ice cream! Here’s my lovely wife!

    • Eric Hasanoff
    • February 4, 2019

    Excellent everything! The service was just amazing and completely attentive. My favorite part was the sushi chef was taking shots and pounding a brew while making our food. The Wet Dream, Valcano Roll and BBQ Ribs are my top picks. All you can eat is worth every penny and only $23.95. This is our regular spot now.

    • Elizabeth Tanaka
    • February 7, 2019

    Love the titles they came up with. My favorite “Be Mine”. They certainly have a variety to choose from and there service is absolutely friendly. My only complaint was I couldn’t eat more. The price was around $23 however it was great food good company.

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